Parallel Pomeroy

15 Feb 2020 - 15 Feb 2020

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The event is open to Toyota owners as recognised by Toyota UK, and for the purposes of this event will become members of the VSCC upon completion of the appropriate form. The driver will be deemed to be the entrant in all instances; except where they have not reached their 18th birthday (H27.1.7).

The event will consist of one class and is open to road equipped cars of any age with any capacity produced by Toyota (cars entered may be checked with the DVLA website, whose records will be deemed final for purposes of eligibility and insurance. PLEASE NOTE – Road equipped means that cars must be presented in a condition in all respects (including MOT if required for age of car, road legal tyres, exhausts, lights, etc) that enables it to be legally driven on the public road. Tyres may not be changed after the car has entered the circuit.