The Pomeroy Trophy Competition

15 Feb 2020

Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit

Event main image

This unique and historic event sees cars from the Edwardian era up to current day machines battle it out to find the perfect touring car according to Lawrence Pomeroy’s formula.

The Pomeroy Trophy has had many changes and additions throughout the years and to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of this significant event the VSCC has added a new test to challenge the competitors. All competitors will now undertake ‘The Picnic Basket Test’ which is a new test based on Lawrence Pomeroy’s love of picnics . . . a love so great he has written a book on the subject which even features food recommendations for a variety of budgets!

Competitors will leave the test start line, park next to the kerb, exit the car, move a picnic basket from one table to another, get back into the car, put their seatbelts on and then drive to stop astride the finish line. A test design which we are sure Lawrence would approve of.

As always, following on from the morning tests, competitors will take to the famous Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit for 40 minutes to see if they can achieve their target number of laps.

Spectator entry is free for this event. 

Tests will be running on track from 9am - 12noon, with afternoon 40 minutes sessions commencing at 1pm. 
Entries open on Tuesday 10th December 2019 and close on 3rd February 2020. 

Entry fee is £195 for Post-war cars and £145 for Pre-war cars. 

You will need to be a VSCC member or a member of an invited Club and hold a minimum of a Interclub Race License. 

CLICK HERE for Supplementray Regulations
To volunteer please email or volunteer online or by our paper volunteering form.